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Deploying Technical Drawing (Template)

●Deploying general drawings to drawings of assembling parts of structure.
  • Check rationality and collision between parts of the structure.
  • Check the assembling and the link between the details together.
  • Confirm the relationship between thousands of different details, ensure the structure after completing and assembling will satisfy customers' expectation.
● Deploying assembly drawings to detailed drawings, support for processing of products correctly and ensure quality.
  • Indicating size parameters and specifications for the details.
  • List the necessary materials constituting the details (list specific sizes of materials, quantity, method of processing, volume...).
●Finished Product.

Deploying steel structure drawings

●Deploying steel structure drawings.

Create detailed drawings in the field of bridge and road

●Based on the basic structural drawings, data of design calculation and indicating documents which create detailed drawings as girder, walking floor, drainage system, bridge slab, the system of expansion joints... create data for indicating materials, statistics on the number of materials, calculate the area of paint...

Deploying architectural drawings

●Create detailed plan drawings and related drawings of the preliminary design stage.
  - Create detailed drawings of cross sections: drawings perform the overall parts of the structure, show in detail the separate of each room, shape and door layout, etc... to perform the actual architectural construction.
  - Create drawings which deploy sides of elevation: viewed from direction sides of the wall in each room, show the design of each room and the vertical layout of doors etc...

Converting data for drawings

●Converting to CAD data from hand drawings.

Other businesses

●Create laser cutting data with complex shapes.
●Creating the related documents such as statistics on the number of bolt and screw, detailed statistics on the number... for the assembly process and shipment.